Door to door by ZIA Restaurant

In my post-pandemic letter, I wrote that quarantine brought Rome a wonderful pastry shop – Door to door by Zia Restaurant. Even before opening of this shop, the restaurant was famous for its impeccable desserts, this is really an important criteria of Zia.

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Post-pandemic letter

So the first half of 2020 passed and we all had a lot of time to think. At some point, I despaired, and I had thoughts that such a long and deep crisis could cause aggression, but the optimistic side showed that Italy made wise conclusions and is ready to fight on.

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“Who is me, the real me? That is a question that we all asked ourselves at one point or another. I am one of those people that, when asked how I am doing, I always answer “Great!” with enthusiasm! So, when I am alone, I sometimes ask myself how’s that possible? How’s possible that none of the episodes I endured in my life made me jaded to the point that I feel I can overcome almost everything and that things will always get sorted on their own and will get better? Right, wrong? I do not know, but this is who I am. For me there are just a couple of things that are important, everything else is superfluous.



“I started to work in the restaurant industry when I was around 18, more for necessity than for pleasure. That period I was a student at AANT, my dream was to become an interior graphic designer. I still have very bright memories of my first days at the restaurant where I started working.



“When I started this job, I came from a very different environment. Employed for a state-owned company, I had a guaranteed job, a good salary, undemanding working hours, Saturdays and Sundays at home, holidays, sick leave and another goodies… A privileged job. But anyway I was unhappy. None of the certainties of that job were enough to make me happy and satisfied.


Ida Proietti. REAL THEM.

“My adventure in the restaurant world began on Wednesday, May, 16, 2018, when we first opened the doors of Zia Restaurant to the public. I held a degree in Education and had always dedicated my life to teaching, but the struck of luck of having a chef as my partner has led me to some of the most prestigious restaurants in Italy and the world.

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Ornella De Felice. REAL THEM.

“When I was a child, my father dreamed for me a future as a doctor. He also imagined me married with children, but: “Sorry Dad, I’m a chef!” He still doesn’t understand why, but he is proud of me! I’m from a simple family, which lives in a little town near Rome. My father and his austerity made me rebel and my mother and her ambition made me strong and determined. And I’m grateful to them for who I am now.

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Beaches near Rome

Rome is love, I wrote about this in a previous article, and the capital of Italy has another very important and significant fact – this is the sea. Just about an hour away by car or train and you will find yourself on the beach, breathing in the sea air and enjoying Mediterranean cuisine. The Romans cannot live without the sea: from early childhood, they spend their summers here, teenagers gather in groups and actively engage in water sports, while adults sunbathe for the maximum possible dark shade of their skin, and the elderly do not spare themselves and are actively working on Vitamin D production. But the summer season is not the only time for visiting the coast, the Romans will never miss the opportunity to get out for lunch or an aperitif on the seaside, even in the most windy weather. Thus, the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea does not know the days off and the infrastructure is developed year-round. Continue reading Beaches near Rome

Roman Stories

I wasn’t thinking to start this column in such a difficult time for world, but being isolated at home, I miss my beloved city more and more every day.

Rome is beautiful at any time: in the morning Rome wakes up in a light milky fog; the whole city is enveloped in the aromas of coffee and fresh pastries from 7 to 10 AM, the heat at noon and the bell ringing fills the city with such power that you want to cry, the cold aperols on the roofs offer an unbelievable view, and cool evenings are filled with romance and the realization that life is incredibly beautiful and amazing! Continue reading Roman Stories

Shutdowns in restaurant industry

The restaurant business has never been in such a crisis and insecurity about tomorrow. For some, this time is for recovering and start working with new forces, but for someone, this is the end of activity. One way or another, it is important to remain calm and responsible, and to accept the situation as it is.
I am at the epicenter of a pandemic – in Italy, isolated at home for more than 2 weeks. The situation is very tragic and at the moment there is no positive news.
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Herbal Stinger
Hennessy XO Cognac, Sage Liqueur, Italicus, Bergamot Mint, Natural Peta

One more amazing hotel appeared on Via Sistina last year. The younger brother of the famous Hotel de Russie is Hotel de la Ville. The hotel has an enormous and beautiful territory, several terraces, a rooftop bar with terrific view, a garden and many other pleasant opportunities for guests. Hotel de la Ville already has a good reputation among celebrities who stay here while enjoying the city. Continue reading JULEP HERBAL & VERMOUTH BAR in Rome. HOTEL DE LA VILLE

Metropolita in Rome

Right in the center of the triangle of important places in Rome: The Olympic Theater, The Music Bridge and MAXXI, there is a very promising and stylish cocktail bar – Metropolita. Immediately I want to note the adequacy and proper business control of this bar. Since I live nearby, I was able to observe the development of this place, and to be honest, at the beginning of their career I had doubts, but the bar proved its professionalism by developing and constantly searching for new solutions. And so just one more cocktail bar opened in Rome, became one of the best of the city. They were not afraid to adjust their business strategy, and this led them to today’s success. Continue reading Metropolita in Rome


I can confidently say that 2019 was a year of new discoveries in the cocktail industry for me. I began the active development of my knowledge in this area and also shared my experience with you. Some of the best bartenders in the world became my friends and told me about their business, showing everything from the inside. I am incredibly glad to meet every person and I am grateful to absolutely everyone who hosted me in their cocktail bars. Some of them opened the bar after hours, only because I had a too busy schedule, someone found places for me when the bar was completely booked. Thank you for such attention and care!

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SantoPalato in Rome

A pretty “loud” restaurant in Rome, in the literal and figurative sense. I watched the work and media activity of the chef – Sarah Cicolini, she is attractive to me, I am amazed at her ability to work and desire for new victories. I always admire girls who choose such difficult and heavy professions that require incredible stamina. Continue reading SantoPalato in Rome

Top 10 places for aperitif in Rome 2019

The theme of aperitifs is always relevant, especially in Italy. And it takes a lot of time to find the perfect place for couple of drinks: a few recommendations from friends, and a few disappointments, of course. Probably, “aperitif” is included in the list of “what I like in my life”. I don’t know why, but I always look forward to the evening of our ODS book club, when the girls and I have a great time with a glass of wine; almost every weekend we explore new places with my boyfriend; sometimes business meetings are very useful to have with a drink; and the French guys invite for an aperitif on first date, according to tradition. In general, culture and our pleasure are closely related, as is art. Continue reading Top 10 places for aperitif in Rome 2019


The 11th grand edition of The World’s 50 Best Bars took place in London tonight. Another amazing year, full of delight, vivid emotions, new discoveries and exciting moments. Save this list and start planning your travels, focusing on these bars: Continue reading THE WORLD’S 50 BEST BARS 2019

Rastlos in Copenhagen

If you are bored with ordinary cocktail bars: the same concept and all these grandiose and rarest collections of spirits, then welcome to Copenhagen and Rastlos bar. You know this tourist trick about the “secret bar” in which you come and get on the waiting list, there are such in every city. So this is not about the Rastlos, it’s really secret and if you don’t reserve a certain day and time, it will be closed. But do not think that this is a kind of sociopathic community and you are not welcome here. To be honest, despite the worldwide stereotype of Scandinavian snobbery, it is the northern countries that welcome me as hospitable as possible and become my best friends, and Rastlos remained a bright and warm memory and a new discovery not only in the cocktail industry, but also in the alcohol business as a whole. Continue reading Rastlos in Copenhagen

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